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Dr. Angeli San Pedro - Garcia is a board-certified dermatologist from the Philippines with over 20 years of experience. She is the CEO of Re-Enhance Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. 

Now, you can consult with the doctor exclusively for free! Click below to start right away!

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Re - Enhance Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgi-Center

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Meet the Founder


Free Online Dermatology Consultations

Dr. Angeli San Pedro-Garcia has spent more than 20 years practicing in the field of Dermatology, Dermatological Surgery, and Aesthetics. She is the CEO of Re-enhance Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgi-Centers located in the cities of Butuan and San Francisco, Agusan Province, Philippines.​


Aside of Derma in Metro Manila. This clinic is so far the best in Caraga. The Dermatologist is so approachable and her medicines and creams are very effective. That’s why any skin problems I had and will be encounter, this is where I can find the perfect answer. I’m so happy to know that you have now your online consultation most specially in this time of pandemic. God bless you Doc. Your long-standing customer.


When it comes to Dermatology and cosmetic needs, Re-Enhance is the most recommended here in Butuan. Accessibility is 5 star since it is located in the 3rd floor of Robinsons Mall Extension. Staffs are accomodating and very kind si Doc. No need to travel in Davao or CDO, cost effecient! Thank you also for the free tele-med service Re-Enhance!


Highly recommended! Very accomodating, great service, kind Dr and staff. They answer all my inquires even at night. I also won a giveaways from this Clinic very legit. Thank you so much!


They've answered all my queries nicely and without hesitation. Their free consultation were very helpful. Very accomodating.


Online consultation is great. Doc is very responsive in attending/answering my queries. Products are also effective. My skin irritations/allergies are treated properly and results are impressively fast. Thank you so much.

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