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The eyebrows are arguably one of the most important feature in a person's face, therefore, a good eyebrow growth, thickness and symmetry are essential to having the perfect eyebrows.

Microblading or eyebrow embroidery is a kind of tattooing, but unlike the traditional tattoo, this technique uses a microblade to implant the pigment into the skin. The technique involves drawing individual hairs to give the most natural looking eyebrows.

It is an office procedure that can be done in 1-3 hours. After determining the desired eyebrow shape, an anesthetic cream is applied to numbed the treatment area, The patient usually feels no to slight discomfort during the entire process. There is usually no downtime, as most patients can take selfie immediately after.

At Re-enhance Clinic we only use organic dyes that retains its original color, therefore there is no fear of your eyebrows turning blue or green. The patient needs to come back for a touch up after 3-4 weeks. The eyebrow color will last for 2.5-3 years and a repeat procedure is again necessary.

Wake up to a polished look everyday!

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